Welcome Ela Goldman & Menachem Kaiser


2014 – 10 Years Cologne International Videoart Festival

Shoah Film Collection –
is happy to include a new film – by “Ela Goldman (Israel)
entitled “What Has Been Will Be Again, What Has Been Done Will Be Done Again”, 2013, 3:49

It shows a “carpet” comprised of over 400 dreidels set on the floor. The dreidels alternately spin to create an almost abstract pattern of color and form. Putting the familiar holiday game into a new context, this work is a tribute to the Jewish culture that was almost annihilated in WW2. The main element in this piece is the dreidel used as a symbol for the continuity of generations. This toy, which my children played with in Israel, is the same as the ones my ancestors used in Poland, before the war, and their heritage lives on with it.

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Shoah Film Collection
is also very happy to include another intractive project
which is closely related to Vilnius. During the symposion on A Virtual Memorial Vilnius 2013″ – http://vilnius2013.a-virtual-memorial.org/ – Menachem Kaiser was interviewed via SKYPE – see also the documentation of AVM Vilnius 2013 – http://downloads.nmartproject.net/Docu_AVM-Vilnius-2013_en.pdf

The work is entitled – reVILNA – http://www.revilna.org offering the user the possiblity to explore the history and the area of the former Ghetto of Vilnius online.